London Piano Institute

London Piano Institute has become the first choice for adults committed to learning to play the piano.

Learning to play the piano will bring YOU joy!


Learning to play the piano is a great why to express yourself and enjoy life a whole lot more!

Adults who study the piano have found an increase in their happiness barometer according to experts.

In addition, it helps cognitive development often neglected at a later age!

Therefore as an adult, it is absolutely imperative to start learning the piano as SOON as possible!

In London, both in Mayfair and the City of London, you can now learn to play the piano with outstanding piano instructors who geniunely cares about your pianistic future!

To find out more about our Mayfair location, please visit our site here.

To find out more about our City location – see here!

It is also NEVER NEVER NEVER too late to start!

Through yourself wholeheartedly at the instrument and make all your musical dreams come true!

Visit the London Piano Institute now!

Author: londonpianoinstituteblog

London Piano Institute is known as “The place in Europe for adults who are passionate about learning to play the piano.” It was founded by master pianist and world-renowned adult piano teacher Celine Gaurier-Joubert, whose expertise is second to none when it comes to adult piano education. London Piano Institute welcomes learners of all skill levels, from beginners who are completely new to the keyboard, to those with some childhood experience, to the intermediate level player in need of fresh inspiration. London Piano Institute even welcomes advanced players in need of that master’s touch to move to the level of excellence.

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