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London Piano Institute: Beginner Note Technique

London Piano InstituteBeginning piano students must learn to memorize the notes on the staff and not simply calculate the distances between them, says London Piano Institute.

Celine Gaurier-Joubert, founder of London Piano Institute, observes that a major problem for beginners is learning to calculate the distances between notes without having to mentally count as one would do simple arithmetic or use the alphabet. For instance, reports London Piano Institute, students know that to get from C to G on the alphabet, one would alphabetically calculate C-D-E-F-G to find the G note, which is five steps. The same applies to music, and even the same term “step” is used.

However, according to London Piano Institute, beginners must be able to recognise any note on the score and the piano without visual reference to another note. There is simply not enough time to “do the math” each time a player moves from one note to another. If a beginner skips this vital part of learning, he or she will be slowed down tremendously in the future when studying music, reports London Piano Institute.

Musical notes are laid out on two musical staffs of five lines and four spaces each, called the treble and bass clefs. London Piano Institute notes that the first step of learning piano is to mentally transfer the note on the staff to its place on the keyboard. Then, according to London Piano Institute, the next skill is learning to move the fingers to those notes instinctively, just as reading letters in a word contributes to reading the word without sounding out the letters individually. London Piano Institute asserts that the analogy is not perfect, but somewhat accurate.

Next, says London Piano Institute ’s Celine Gaurier-Joubert, it is important to understand key signatures. Symbols at the left of the staff indicate the notes that fall together to create a kind of boundary within which notes are played to create a harmonious sound. The next step, according to London Piano Institute, is learning note values, which means learning to recognize that the shape and appearance of different notes on the staff not only determine its pitch (higher and lower) but its duration (how long the note is played or held).

Additionally, reports London Piano Institute, there are times when no notes are played (rests) and markings that indicate notes that are exceptions to the keys established by the most recently applied key signature, called accidentals.

London Piano Institute acknowledges that this all seems complicated at first but that reading the notes properly is absolutely vital. That is exactly why students need an excellent piano instructor to guide them to successful note reading, such as those provided by London Piano Institute.

Finally, London Piano Institute comments that beginners must realise that learning the notes will only happen via immersion in the subject, something that can’t necessarily be learned quickly.

London Piano Institute is London’s only piano school exclusively for adults. London Piano Institute is the first choice for Europeans who are passionate about learning to play the piano. The London Piano Institute offers a variety of lesson plans and rate schedules. Space is limited.

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London Piano Institute is known as “The place in Europe for adults who are passionate about learning to play the piano.” It was founded by master pianist and world-renowned adult piano teacher Celine Gaurier-Joubert, whose expertise is second to none when it comes to adult piano education. London Piano Institute welcomes learners of all skill levels, from beginners who are completely new to the keyboard, to those with some childhood experience, to the intermediate level player in need of fresh inspiration. London Piano Institute even welcomes advanced players in need of that master’s touch to move to the level of excellence.

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